How REX Works

Personalization matters. In fact, 60% of shoppers who have experienced it believe that it has a noticeable influence on purchasing. Q.I. Leap’s Recommendation Platform (REX) uses A.I to learn from customer behaviour and adapts its algorithms to provide more accurate personalized reccomendations to its users.

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Data Aggregation

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Machine Learning


Increased Precision

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Reinforcement Learning

Aggregates a variety of customer, business, and product databases

Analyzes customer behaviour and creates profile based on sales data

Results filtered through marketing campaigns, strategies, loyalty programs, ecommerce stores, etc.

Adapts own algorithms using artificial intelligence to perfect reccomendations over time


Benefits of Personalization


Increase in customer experience

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 Experience aconversion LIFT

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Increase in visitor engagement


REX is Applicable Everywhere.

Whether it’s for marketing, interfaces, dynamic content, segmentation by behaviour, targeting, or creating customized offers. REX is used by all types of retailers, allowing you to capitalize on 1-to-1 experiences and engage your most valuable customers.