Case Studies


A Cloud-Based Personalization Engine

Research shows that online shoppers lose interest after 60 to 90 seconds of searching. Users either find something interesting or they abandon the website. To be competitive, businesses must display relevant items that grab a customer’s attention. Artificial intelligence engines that continuously learn and offer real-time personalization are the future of online interactions. 


Competitive Analysis Using Data

Analyzing the right metrics can help a retailer learn what it can be doing to better inform its audience and fulfill their needs. 

See how Q.I. Leap provides services to help clients reveal these metrics and work with businesses to pinpoint the right set of metrics.

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Demand Prediction: Helping Drive Business Values

In a fast-paced market, better demand prediction can be a key enabler of reduced inventory, lower costs and an improved ability to stay in step with changing needs.

Q.I. Leap provides an efficient demand prediction solution for retailers so that they can discover the potential value of effective demand prediction to remain competitive.